As bright as night
2019 ;


A Documentary by Julius Schmitt

Last sunrays disappear behind the hills. Darkness covers the city, coldness creeps into the bones, street lights replace the day. A rat flees from a night owl. The later hours let more and more lights disappear, tranquility is awaiting hustle and bustle, is waiting for the day. But when most people close their eyes, the alarm clocks of others ring. Night workers - from dusk till dawn. So hell die Nacht is both a short documentation, as well as a 5-minutes piano piece.

13 min / 5 min / 2K / 21:9 / Colour

Script and Directing: Julius Schmitt

Production: Max Baumeister, Marlene Meyer

D.o.P.: Arkadiy Kreslov

Editing: Martin Mikosch

Motion Graphics: Timm Völkner

Sound Design and Mix: William Amsler

Score: Johannes Schmitt

Nacht Nacht Nacht Nacht

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