Mother of freedom
2020 ;

A Documentary by Julius Schmitt

EU is Nobel Peace Prize winner - Europe is mother of freedom. But for many refugees, what’s left of that is just an empty promise. Parwana Amiri and Arash Hampay do not want to accept the difficult circumstances in the EU member state Greece - they are fighting for their rights and dignity.

Arash Hampay - 34 years old, fled from the Iranian regime - founded the Café Patogh. A community house in Athens for all the people - hot food, legal advice, hairdresser. Parwana Amiri - 17 years old, from Afghanistan - lives with her family in Camp Ritsona. She fights with her group ‘Youth Refugee Movement’ for ‘Youth Refugee Movement’ the right to education.

17 min / 2k flat / Farbe

Director: Julius Schmitt, Feline Gerhardt

Producer: Tim Kohlen

Sound: William Amsler

Editing: Jonas Wenzl

Filmmusic: Victoria Hillestad

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