From St. Pauli to Sao Paulo
2019 ;


A reportage by Leonard Claus

Nicolas Jentzsch is a teacher in Hamburg. But not for long, because he soon emigrates to São Paulo to teach at a German school abroad. Worldwide there are 140 schools in 76 countries, whereby the Brazilian Colégio Visconde de Porto Seguro is by far the largest school - almost 10,000 children learn the German language here and are prepared for the Abitur. We follow Nicolas Jentzsch on his adventure to Brazil and also talk to his students and their families. What motivates them to send their children to German schools?

30 min / FullHD / 16:9 / color

Director: Leonard Claus

Producer: Leonard Claus

DoP: Julius Schmitt

Sound: Neil Grabbe

Julius Julius Julius Julius Julius Julius

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