Die Deutschen und die Angst
2017 ;

3x2 a magazine series

The magazine series 3X2 portrays six people in different situations. In the episode “The Germans and the Fear”; we visit two young people in the middle of their formation, two in the middle of their lives and two whose lives are coming to an end. But one thing unites them all, they’re all afraid. But are these different for people with different social or cultural backgrounds? Are there similarities, although the protagonists are fundamentally different? And can one thus infer a universal fear of the Germans? We ask these questions in this episode of 3X2.

Director: Fabian Janssen, Josefin Kuschela, Marina Schulz, Julius Schmitt, Leonard Claus, Katharina Kraft

D.o.P.: Josefin Kuschela, Matti Megerle, Moritz Kessler, Arian Wichmann, David Büttner

Film music: Moritz Laux, Andreas Skandy

Sounddesign: Johannes Schelle, William Amsler

Sound: Chiara Haurand, Benjamin Hettwer

Editing: Moritz Enzo Hoch

Motion Design: Timm Völkner

Producer: Maximilian Höhnle

Speaker: Magda Decker

Production Company: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH

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